4D Open Innovation

Usually open innovation is a collaboration between companies or organizations that exist “now”. But we also recommend to collaborate with the “past” . “Past” means old stories or tales, traditions, concepts and culture, or great people in history, among other things that come from the past.

Past is a good resource for innovations in many cases, and often past is something other competitors can’t easily copy. If a company got inspiration from its own history, the idea, service or product born from there will probably be very unique and something that another companies can’t come up with.

If someone gets inspired by an old tradition in their hometown, that idea will automatically be very original and probably the one and only in the world because all towns have different roots.

For example, this is a picture of Hi-crown chocolate shop for Morinaga & Co located inside Tokyo Station. It was created based on the inspiration we got from the words of the founder of the company. He started his company very small, 6.6m2 to be exact, so we took this number and created a shop in the exact same size. The founder was a porcelain salesman before he started Morinaga & Co, so we took that fact and turned it into packages made from porcelain to contain sweets sold in this shop. These ideas will only work for this particular company because every company has a different past.

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