Miracle Word Card

When working with a team of diverse members, such as a new business development or urban development, good ideas cannot be created without individual ideas and facilitator skills. Based on more than 2000 case studies conducted in Dentsu, we identified 100 words that can be used to express ideas. The cards have yielded a variety of results, including real business development with large companies and startups, community development with local governments, and social issue solution projects with NPOs.

100 words such as "_ _ for adults", "_ _ after closing", "Night _ _", etc. that can be used for planning were extracted and designed in the form of cards. We call those words “Miracle Words”. How to use in the workshop. (1) Draw 10 cards. (2) Choose miracle words that will be interesting when they are combined with the theme. (If you want to develop a new coffee, the theme is “coffee”.) (3) Explain your ideas and make more ideas with your team members. (4) Summarize impressive ideas.

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